Gail Van Tatenhove

Paul was my host for many trips and speaking tours!  These pictures are from a trip to Switzerland and an evening at Verena Von Holzen’s house with her family in June 2011.  These pictures depict five of Paul’s greatest characteristics.

Creative: Give Paul a bunch of tissue boxes and he’s going to do something creative with them. Just sit back and wait to be amazed.


Designer: Paul is a superb designer. Whether it is a tissue-box robot or an innovative new authoring tool, Paul is always in the process of designing something.


Playful: Paul is a kid at heart. He’s not afraid to play and enjoy himself.


Relational: Paul’s nature is to be in relationship with other people. I know no one else as gifted as Paul in building bridges to other people and making everyone feel valued and appreciated.


Trustworthy: I picked this picture because Paul is standing right next to me. For 29 years, I knew I could trust him to stand by me, through the good and bad times of my life.   I could trust him to speak the truth to me, even when it was hard to hear.