Ian Thompson

Happy Retirement Paul!
I can’t believe that you have reached retirement age. This is probably because you don’t look old enough, you never seem to age! It must be that PRD keeps you young so why you would want to retire is beyond me .

But whilst PRD has clearly been good for you in keeping you so young, what is a true fact is that you have been beyond fantastic for PRD, the PRC-Saltillo group, AAC and most of all, the numerous clients you have served. Few people retire and leave a gap that is difficult to fill, but I see you as one of those and you should quite rightly feel immensely proud of what you have achieved during your career.

Searching through my hard drive I found quite a few photos worthy of sharing and there was a clear theme… smiling and merry!

And these are the fond memories I will cherish, as in addition to you being a true guru and fountain of AAC knowledge, I found your enthusiasm infectious and you were always great company. Please keep in touch and make sure you visit us whenever you are passing.

Wishing you a very happy retirement from all at Liberator.

All the best,

Paul, the smiley team player

Paul, the party animal!