Susan Balandin

It hardly seems possible that you are really retiring Paul- I think we have known each other since around 1990 – although we may well have walked past each other in the far off days of Swiss cottage-amazingly, given that we have lived on opposite sides of the world, we have kept in touch and even seen each other quite regularly- thanks of course to Bruce we met and spent time together at Pittsburgh at workshops and conferences but also often outside the garages on Rolling Rock Road or watching an episode of Seinfeld.  Over the years I have appreciated your commitment to and great knowledge of AAC – you always gave me something new to  think about – I have also really loved talking and laughing about all sorts of other things, from good books to how often one touches one ‘s face in 10 minutes!  I hope in Germany you will not be known as a ‘pensioner’ which seems the preferred  term in Norway  and that your retirement will be rewarding and importantly a lot of fun with lots of opportunities to do new things- I look forward to keeping in touch.


Warm regards